As part of our mission, Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 – Illinois conducts various ceremonies and events to educate the public about our National POW/MIA issue. Every event that we participate in is an opportunity for us to educate the public while honoring our POW/MIAs, our Armed Forces, and our Nations Veterans.

Repatriation Ceremonies

  • Repatriation Ceremonies we honor the MIAs being   returned to their families by conducting “Welcome Home” ceremonies and participating in their internment, as appropriate.

Honor Chair Project


  • Honor Chair Project — Chapter 2 coordinates and conducts ceremonies for the placement of special stadium chairs in public venues to memorialize our nations; MIAs.

Veterans Day Ceremony


  • Veterans Day Ceremony — we stand proud to honor our Veterans through our annual Veterans Day ceremonies conducted in our local communities.

Veteran Ceremonial Events



  • Veteran Ceremonial Events – we participate in and conduct dedications, memorials, flag raisings, and educational programs throughout our communities to honor our Veterans and educate our fellow citizens on the Nation’s POW/MIA issue.

Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Demonstration


  • Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Demonstration — our Chapter leads an annual pilgrimage to Wash, DC for the National Rolling Thunder Memorial Day weekend demonstration.

Remembrance Table Ceremonies


  • Remembrance Table Ceremonies — our Remembrance Table Ceremonies commemorate and honor our POWs, MIAs and their families, as well as our Veterans from past wars and our current Armed Forces.  This special ceremony explains the impact on family, community,


Charity Activities


  • Charity Activities we support, and participate in, numerous local charity events sponsored by other patriotic and civic organizations and veteran’s groups.


Mounted Flag Detail


  • Mounted Flag Detail we ride as a parade unit in several local parades to increase awareness of POW/MIA issues.


Chapter Booth

  • Chapter Booth — our booth is displayed at numerous public events and festivals throughout the local community to educate the public and increase awareness of POW/MIA issues.


Rolling Thunder Charities Motorcycle Raffle

  • Rolling Thunder Charities Motorcycle Raffle Chapter 2 sells annual raffle tickets for a new, custom painted Harley Davidson motorcycle. Proceeds from this activity help veterans in need of assistance.

Prisoner of War / Missing in Action Mission


  • Prisoner of War / Missing in Action Mission — Foremost in our ceremonies and events is our dedication to assuring that our Government continues efforts to account for over 90,000 POW/MIAs from all past wars.