Presidents message

As you browse our website you'll gain an understanding of who we are, what we are about and where we are going. What you won't gain is an understanding of who we are as people, who we are as patriots and who we are as members of this outstanding organization Rolling Thunder IL-2, allow me to explain...

Rolling Thunder IL-2 is the second of three chapters in Illinois. We are proud to be one of more than ninety chapters of Rolling Thunder nationwide.

As People, our members are from all walks of life. Some are veterans, some are not, some are retired or active military, some are civilians, some are motorcycle riders, co-riders, some are not. All, however are committed to the cause of accounting for our 88,000 missing American POW/MIA's throughout the world. And, they all have three important ideals in common;  patriotism, support of our veterans and a love of our country. 

As Patriots, one will discover our men and women are typical American citizens who share a deep pride in our country, a humble admiration of our service men and women, and a grave concern that those who made the ultimate sacrifice are never forgotten.

As Rolling Thunder members, we are dedicated to our organization's efforts to: 1.) Continue to pressure governments worldwide to account for all missing Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action. 2.) To educate the public that many POW/MIA's were left behind and 3.) to prevent future servicemen and women from becoming unaccounted for or forgotten.

You'll learn much more about us and our cause, by attending one of our meetings, one of our events, or by simply talking to one of our proud members who embrace the motto "Never forget."

Don De Lordo

President Illinois Chapter 2



Lara Del Peral

Rich Lanute
Vice President

Our second in command keeeps things rolling smoothly.

Lara Del Peral

Our Chief Clerical Officer makes sure we dont't forget who said what.

Jim Purcell

Our Chief Financial Officer manages financial expenditures for our chapter.

Wayne Kirkpatrick

Retired from the US Army and tirelessly devoted to the cause.


Mick Singer

Director of Membership

Mary Kirkpatrick

Director of Education

Director of Legal Affairs

Ted Makarewicz

Director of Legal Affairs

Frank Gampetro

Director of Safety & Communication

Director of Charities

Mary Jo Scarlette

Director of Charities

Steve Johnson 

Public Relations & Communications & Legislative Affairs