Presidents message

Rolling Thunder® Inc. Illinois Chapter 2 members are men and woman, veterans and civilians who are ardent supporters of the Rolling Thunder® Mission.  We are a tight-knit, cohesive group of patriots with an emphasis on fulfilling the promise to bring home the more than 82,000 Americans that still remain missing since WWII.  Our dedication is evident at our meetings, Table ceremonies or anywhere we assemble to support the POW/MIA cause. 

Being part of Illinois Ch 2 provides a great sense of community, as well being distinctly focused on educating the public on POW/MIA issues. 

If you desire to contribute to the success of the POW/MIA mission, or just want to learn more about Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Illinois Chapter 2, please attend one of our monthly meetings, or visit us at any of our special events which we sponsor throughout the year. 

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Illinois Chapter 2 has a great legacy; and together we will continue to support our mission.  Our ongoing efforts to place Honor Chairs at major locations, our Street Sign Campaign, POW/MIA Remembrance Table Ceremonies, and our continued support for veterans at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center will help ensure that our POW/MIA efforts will live on for generations to come.

Richard Lanute
Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Illinois Chapter 2


Lara Del Peral

Ted Makarewicz
Vice President

Our second in command keeeps things rolling smoothly.

Lara Del Peral

Our Chief Clerical Officer makes sure we dont't forget who said what.

Jim Purcell

Our Chief Financial Officer manages financial expenditures for our chapter.

Wayne Kirkpatrick

Retired from the US Army and tirelessly devoted to the cause.


Mick Singer

Director of Membership, Communications, & Activities

Mary Kirkpatrick

Director of Education

Director of Charities

Mary Jo Scarlette

Director of Charities

Chuck Carlson

Director of Logistics

Director of Charities

Don DeLordo

Past President

Steve Johnson 

Director of Safety & Legislative Affairs